The future of Smartlist is here! From now on, all items, tasks, and accounts are encrypted!
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The sophisticated home inventory app

Smartlist is a free home inventory app that lets you keep track of what you have in your home, and helps you save money. Access your inventory on any device!

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Awesome Features

To make you super happy!

Be more productive

Our rich-featured todo list and grocery list all help you be more productive in no time!.

Know how much you spend

Keep track of how much you spend using our hi-tech budget meter! Save so much more money by using this free feature!

Smart and intuitive

Our app is designed for anyone and everyone to use. Takes only 10 seconds to sign up! No payments, credit cards, or any of that needed at all!

More Features!


End-to-end enryption with Cloudflare, HSTS, and more! Our dashboard is immune against attacks!


Sync your inventory with others you live with!

Star items

Star important items you edit usually

Custom Rooms

Create custom categories for items!

Recipe generator

Save time finding recipes!

Scan rooms

Scan your room to quickly build up your inventory